Fwd: KBY Breakfast this Sunday

To all our dear Friends and Neighbors.                               Elul 5767


As the Yomim Noraim approach, we are all looking to accrue Z’chusim that will ensure us a K’siva V’chasima Tova.


It is well known that Hachzokas Ha’torah is among the greatest Mitzvos. Accordingly, we turn to you, our dear friends and neighbors, with a timely opportunity to fulfill the mitzvah.We all remember Rabbi Ingber Shlita, a mainstay in our community for over eighteen years. His endeavors to plant a Ruach Hatorah in Monsey is still paying dividends for us, even after his move.


In Lakewood, Rabbi Ingber has re-established his Kollel, Kollel Birchas Yaakov, which includes a full time as well as night Kollel. In addition, his Bais Medrash is open to all community members, and his Harbotzas Hatorah reaches numerous individuals.


We are all aware of the Mishna in Avos, “Im Ein Kemach, Ein Torah”. It goes without saying that a large budget is required to support a Kollel of that size. In an effort to raise crucial funds, a breakfast is being hosted at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Benzion Goldberg to benefit the Kollel – a few days before Rosh Hashonah- on                  Sunday, September 9th at 9:30 AM, at 7 Shuart Drive in Spring Valley.


Your attendance will be a tremendous Chizuk for Rabbi Ingber and the members of the Kollel.


The members of the KBY Committee are looking forwards to greeting you there personally.


B’virkas K’siva V’chasima Tova,


Kollel Birchas Yaakov Committee:


Rabbi Elchonon Butromovitz                                 Shmuel Krausz


Benzion Goldberg                                               Yossi Lichtenstein


Avrohom Boruch Glatzer                                            Tevy Mindick


                 Eli Meir Hollander                                             Elchanan Pressman


                 Zev Juravel                                                            Boruch Weinbreb


                 Rabbi Shimon Kerner                                                Jerrold Wolfset




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