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Dirshu Monsey – Morning Kollel for Baalei Batim  
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Kollel Dirshu Monsey – Morning Kollel for Baalei Batim

Join an Amud Yomi or Daf Yomi Chabura.  Attend a shiur or learn with a chavrusah.

Our Amud Yomi Chabura  will b”eh begin Kiddushin this coming sunday morning Lag B’Omer – May 6th.

The chaburah meets Sunday 6:45:am – 7:45am and Monday to Friday: 6:00 – 7:00 followed by davening at:

KNESSES YISROEL (Rabbi Schabes’s Shul)
698 Union Road, New Hempstead, NY

Join a vibrant morning kollel comprised of 40 to 50 members from all segements (Central Monsey, College Road, Concord, Forshay, New Hempstead, New Square, South Monsey, Suffern, Wesley Hills) of the greater Monsey community.

If you prefer to learn something other than amud yomi or daf yomi, please contact us so that we can assist you in finding a suitable chavrusa.

For more information call the kollel at 845.669.0851 or one of the following Kollel members:

Rabbi Dovid Apter – 354.8292 (Magid Shiur)
Danny Breiner – 354.0642
Donny Frank – 362.2349
Yitchok Fromowitz – 425.2434
Yisroel Hartman – 362.1616 x201
Yossi Kunstlinger – 362.4621
Dr Michael Muschel – 368.0100

Kollel Dirshu Monsey (a division of Kollel Dirshu International) was formed with the express intent of allowing Baalei Batim to join in a unique learning experience. Two sedarim are available:

1) Each kollel member commits to learn an amud of Gemarah and Rashi daily for a total of three blatt Gemarah a week. Each Sunday an optional  bechina is given on the past week’s limud of three blatt.

2) Each kollel member commits to learn the seven blatt of that week’s Daf Yomi. Each Sunday an optional bechina is given on the past week’s limud of seven blatt.

A stipend is available to those who attend regularly and successfully complete the bechinos.

— K O L L E L D I R S H U P R O G R A M S —

Kollel Dirshu, Flatbush
Kollel Dirshu, Haifa
Kollel Dirshu, Kensington
Kollel Dirshu, Kiryas Herzog
Kollel Dirshu, Baltimore
Kollel Dirshu, Beitar
Kollel Dirshu, Beit Shemesh
Kollel Dirshu, Boro Park
Kollel Dirshu, Chicago
Kollel Dirshu, Cincinnati
Kollel Dirshu, Cleveland
Kollel Dirshu, Detroit
Kollel Dirshu, Monsey
Kollel Dirshu, Montreal
Kollel Dirshu, Riverdale
Kollel Dirshu, Silver Spring
Kollel Dirshu, Toronto
Kollel Dirshu, Yerushalayim
Kollel Dirshu, Yesodot
Chaburas Kollel Dirshu
d’Beis Medrash Gavoha Lakewood

Chidushei Torah • Kuntressei ‘Chizuk’

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